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HO Trains That Do More Like M.T.H.'s O-Gauge and One-Gauge product lines, the company's HO locomotives feature the firm's highly acclaimed sound and command control onboard electronics. The new version of the Proto-Sound system, Proto-Sound 3.0, includes features not found in previous Proto-Sound systems including battery-free operation and a wireless tether between locomotive and tender. The electronics operate with any DC power supply and can operate in command mode using any DCC command control system or M.T.H.'s own state-of-the-art DCS Digital Command System. Unlike other HO sound-equipped locomotives currently on the market, M.T.H.'s steam locomotives include synchronized puffing smoke timed to drive wheel revolutions for an incredibly realistic operating experience. First appearing in M.T.H.'s O Gauge locomotives in 2000, a similar smoke system is utilized in our HO models. Because of the system's similarity (the primary difference is a smaller smoke fluid reservoir), output productivity in the HO models is comparable (in scale proportions) to the O Gauge models. Each HO locomotive features a prototypically correct four chuffs/puffs per each drive wheel revolution. Digital sound features including whistle, bell, chuffing, squeaking brakes, authentic Doppler, passenger station announcements, air let-off, air pump, blow down, pop-off, injector and dozens more are included in each engine - a variety unmatched in HO today. In addition, each engine features 120 speed steps, each in scale one-mile-per-hour increments for a true prototypical operating experience.
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